Each of our luxurious scarves and shawls are individually handwoven on vintage shuttle looms, almost a century old, that create a rich weave full of character and a hard-wearing woven selvedge, or self-finished edge.

Made from a blend of soft merino wool, silk and cashmere, they are perfect for keeping you snug – and the cold at bay. The colours and textures draw inspiration from the landscape surrounding our workshop at the foothills of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. Gentle muted tones mix with flecks and flashes of complimentary and contrasting colours.

Our soft, snuggly Blankets for Children come in many appealing colours. Each blanket is woven on a Hattersley loom that creates a characteristic and durable self-finished edge or ‘selvedge’, and is finished with a purled fringe. Made to last a lifetime, our Blankets will carrying with them cherished memories of cosy times, as well as outdoor adventures and summer picnics. Mix and match from our collection of colourful scatter Cushions.

Mourne Check was a signature fabric for designer Robin Day, who used it regularly during his ten year period designing for furniture for Hille in the 50s. Day also used Mourne Mist, a fabric that uses the characteristic flecks of colour from yarns spun in Donegal. Our yarns are custom-spun to match the original heritage palettes in our archives. These fabrics are suited to domestic upholstery on mid-century pieces or contemporary furniture following similar lines.

The warp of our Mourne Classic Curtain Fabric uses a mixture of different weight yarns unevenly threaded which gives a distinctive balance and texture to the material and allows it to hang with an elegant drape. The texture exudes warmth and light glows through the light weave and muted colour palette of ‘bawneen’ colours - the name of the undyed wool used to make waistcoats traditionally worn by labourers and fishermen. With its graceful drape Mourne Classic is equally suitable for couture use.