About Us

Nestled at the foot of the idyllic Mourne Mountains - Mourne Textiles is a family run business

Mourne Textiles has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a boy, the workshop was my playground. I vividly remember the unmistakable smell of lanolin from the fleeces, and in the background the rhythmic sounds of the looms creating fabric: it was a wonderful place to grow up.

My grandmother, Gerd Hay-Edie originally set up the workshop and design studio in 1954. Weaving had long since been a passion of hers; the Mourne Mountains allowed her passion to develop into an established global business that would endure for 50 years.

From an early age, my mother, Karen Hay-Edie was influenced by her mother’s knowledge and technical ability. Over the years, Karen perfected the art of weaving her mother’s iconic designs. My mother went on to become a Master Weaver and, equipped with her own skills and ability, became a vital addition to the business.

It was inevitable, given my background, that I too would develop a love and fascination for weaving. I was carefully guided by these two amazing women and was soon finding my way around our incredible looms.

Inspired by my grandmother’s legacy and my mother’s expertise, I feel greatly privileged to once again be breathing life into Mourne Textiles and to be presenting a carefully selected collection of much-loved designs from my grandmother’s archives.