Our Story - Robin Day & Conran

Robin Day & Conran

On a trip to London, Gerd presented Robin Day with two samples of new upholstery fabrics that she had developed: The Mourne Check and The Mourne Mist. Day put the samples in a drawer where they remained for several months but eventually came to light. Leslie Julius and Robin Day together contacted Gerd and told her that the two designs were going to be used throughout Day's furniture for Hille. Gerd was informed that she would be kept so busy producing these fabrics for them that she would not have time to design anything else!

Gerd produced the Mourne Check and Mourne Mist for Hille's Robin Day furniture for the next ten years. Day's most iconic pieces were adorned with Gerd's impeccable fabrics.

The Conran connection started in January 1954 when Terence Conran contacted Gerd to supply him with fabrics. On a visit to London, Gerd visited the Conran offices, then a basement in Piccadilly Arcade. Gerd left, promising to design a unique Conran fabric. The fabric design for Conran became known as The Blazer Design.

From 1953-1963 Mourne Textile's production had been predominently furnishing upholstery fabrics and rugs but, during 1963-73, it increasingly became the weaving of apparel tweeds.