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Mourne Weavers

Mourne Weavers is a unique partnership between Mourne Textiles 
and Ulster Carpets, producing a diverse range of upholstery fabrics, cushions and blankets for the interior design sector.

Inspired by the rich heritage of our family-owned businesses, we are committed to the creation of beautiful textiles and to the championing of local production in our beloved Northern Ireland.

The new Mourne Weavers mill in Warrenpoint sees the coming together of impeccable craftsmanship, industrial machinery and innovative manufacturing techniques. Our first collection pays homage to the early designs of Mourne Textiles founder and weaving pioneer, Gerd Hay-Edie, whose signature fabrics adorned timeless mid-century furnishings from iconic designers such as Robin Day and Terence Conran.

Lovingly woven on vintage power looms, synonymous with the manufacturing techniques of Ulster Carpets, the Mourne Weavers collection brings to life Gerd’s cherished designs to inspire a new global generation, united in their desire to champion authenticity, quality and design excellence.

Our first collection pays homage to the early designs of Mourne Textiles founder and weaving pioneer, Gerd Hay-Edie

Furnishing Fabric

We offer a range of furniture fabrics including our classic Mourne Check and Mourne Mist designs, both of which were used by designer Robin Day in his iconic furniture of the 1950s. The yarns we use are custom-spun to match the original heritage palettes in our archives. These fabrics are suited to upholstery on mid-century pieces or contemporary furniture following similar lines.

Curtain Fabric

The warp of our Mourne Classic Curtain Fabric uses a mixture of different weight yarns unevenly threaded which gives a distinctive balance and texture to the material and allows it to hang with an elegant drape. The texture exudes warmth and light glows through the light weave and muted colour palette of ‘bawneen’ colours - the name of the undyed wool used to make waistcoats traditionally worn by labourers and fishermen. With its graceful drape, Mourne Classic is equally suitable for couture use.