Wall Hangings

Combining hand-selected fleece from local rare-breed sheep and traditional handweaving techniques, each Raw Fleece Wall Hanging is individually hand-woven and celebrates the natural tones and textures found in each unique fleece. The fleece used is undyed and comes from several breeds of sheep native to the UK such as the Piebald Jacobs, Wendsleydale, Hebridean and Cheviot. Gradations of tone through the undyed fleece give wonderful depth of colour. Varying thicknesses within the hand-twisted fleece combine with speckly berber yarns and linen to create great textural interest.

Our Luachanna Wall Hanging came out of a rewarding collaboration with furniture brand PINCH for London Craft Week 19. This piece seeks to capture the distinctive undulations of the Mourne Mountains that surround our workshop. A technique closer to tapestry weaving is used that allows the weaver to create a stunning work that sits beautifully between abstract and representational.